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Best Laparoscopic Surgeons in Mumbai Andheri

Best Laparoscopic Surgeons in Andheri, Mumbai

About Dr. Amarnath Upadhye

Dr. Amarnath Upadhye, a renowned Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon in Mumbai, did his Under-graduation and Post-graduation in General Surgery (M.S.) in 1984 and obtained D.N.B. at Aligarh in 1988. He worked in the Department of Surgery as a Lecturer from 1986-1990.

Dr. Amarnath Upadhye has been one of the pioneers  in the Laparoscopic Revolution in K.E.M. Hospital. He went to Israel  on a Fellowship in Laparoscopic Surgery, Dec.1992-April1993, at Assaf-Harofeh Medical Centre in Tel Aviv. He also was a visiting Fellow to Haifa, Jerusalem and Beer  Sheva  Medical Centres, all centres of excellence in Laparoscopic Surgery. He was one of the few Surgeons to have  done Abdominoperineal resection for cancer of the rectum in 1995. Many more advanced surgeries followed and he got affiliated to BSESMG Hospital at Andheri and R. N. Cooper Hospital as Honorary Surgeon.

Dr. Amarnath Upadhye went to Taiwan, at the International Centre of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery for 6 weeks as a Fellow,under DR Chih Kun Huang, a master craftsman and Director of Taiwan Obesity Support Group. He received a most thourough  hands on training , in Lap.Band, Lap sleeve gastrectomy, Lap plication sleeve and Gastric Bypass.

Dr.  Amarnath Upadhye has joined back as a fully trained Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeon.

Dr. Amarnath Upadhye is an accomplished Laparoscopic Surgeon having performed a vast array of Advanced Laparoscopic Procedures for Benign as well as Cancerous Diseases of the Abdomen.


+91 9821070229